Take a few minutes to explore Paper Terrestrials- created by Yan Wei and Blake Stone-Banks to showcase and sell a curated series of prints from some incredible artists across China.

The images featured here are three of the prints up for sale.

The first is from Yan Wei.

“Characteristic of Yan Wei’s work, Vivisection exhibits consummate line work, dripping contours, an unearthly kid and a touch of gore.”

The second is from Ray Lei.

“Multimedia artist Ray Lei limits himself to two poles of the color spectrum—red and blue—in his drawings and prints. This work is a play on the Chinese proverb ‘when the winds blow, the waters rise’.” 

And the third is from Nod Young.

“The work of artist-designer Nod Young often plays off of traditional Chinese art forms. In this piece, he uses the red angular style of Chinese paper cuts to depict Na Zha from the 16th century novel Journey to the West. After commiting suicide, Na Zha was reborn as a lotus flower with three heads and six arms.”

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